COVID-19 eCommerce Impact

In our Market Tracker, we have seen an increase in online shopping and traffic activity from our consumers as the government imposed lockdown in many countries. How has this behaviour been compared to last year? In our COVID-19 eCommerce Impact tracker, we show you a monthly analysis on how the markets are performing post-COVID-19 restrictions, compared to 2019. 

As you are most likely seeing across your brands and markets, the demand for online groceries, home-improvements and consumer electronics has exploded significantly. Our eCommerce Impact tracker can help in understanding which markets and industries are booming and performing well and how COVID-19 had impacted different countries and industries worldwide.

Key trends we are seeing include : 

  1. Conversion rate has increased by nearly 200% YoY. 
  2. Average basket size has increased significantly, driven by slower fulfilment times. 
  3. Price sensitivity has increased as spending power and income security has reduced. 
  4. Western economies have seen vertical spikes generated by new demographic familiarity. 


Notes on the data: Please click on the data for the months view to previous months' data

Date-range is July 2020 compared to July 2019 and so on. You can use the filter option to choose different industries/vertical or different countries.