ChannelSight Market Tracker

With over 1000 active retailers in 68 markets ChannelSight is uniquely placed to measure the recent surge in e-commerce demand on the back-of Governmental lock-downs across North America and Europe. Our Market-Tracker shows an easy to digest index of both traffic and sales performance by market since the 1st week of February. As you are most likely seeing across your brands and markets, the demand for online groceries and home-improvements have exploded significantly but not all retailers can serve or fulfil this demand.

The ChannelSight market-tracker offers a daily view of how market performance is evolving and how partial lockdown countries are differing from countries experiencing a full-lockdown.


Notes on the data: Date-range is 1st Feb until today. 1st Feb 2020 is considered the 100-index, as a result, fluctuations above/below show the growth/decline in traffic by market. Orange dots mark a country's government instilling partial lockdown measures (shutting high-street and enforcing work-from-home). Red dots mark a country's government instilling full lockdown measures (only permissible outings – doctors-visits, groceries).